Monday, 12 October 2009

Fitness, Eating properly and hanging off indoor rock

To tackle the challenges set i will need to get in shape drastically!!

I have literally no upper body strength, and all power is normally generated by my legs.

If im to be worth my salt in rock climbing and eventually embark on the journey to nevis, these fitness levels will need to change. I also eat pretty poorly and so that is also sumthing to rectify.

So my Aims for October are as follows;

  • Try and eat 3 square meals a day at correct times, as opposed to the ill eat loads of shit when im hungry at normally at 2am routine.
  • Carry on working on my upper body strength, using the dumbells, pushups etc
  • Enrol on a rock climbing course at Lancaster uni or go once a week.
  • Complete the Sour Milk Gill Scramble, a level 1 scramble dependent on Adams participation

The upper body work will bode me well for the rock climbing, and that very activity will increase my fitness, upper body strength and my rock climbing skills.

Any tips rather than pretending im a muscle man in the gym, and paying silly membership prices are more than welcome.

Peace out x

The Challenges

As mentioned my motivation is terrible so in the next year i have set myself a series of challenges to rectify this.

In this Blog, i will be outlining and showing progress of all the challenges set, and maybe even taking on new challenges.

The premise is simple, by the start of Oct 2010 i wish to have achieved the following challenges

  • Become competent in photography and able to take professional shots
  • Become competent in Gill Scrambling, Scrambling and Climbing
  • Survived for 3 days in the Wild with nothing more than basic supplies
  • Climbed the UKs biggest mountain, Ben Nevis.
I will need help with some of the above so if anyone wants to join in or help out id be more than happy.

Same goes for any challenges, anyone has for me. If i see fit i may incorporate these into my plans. As you can also see the challenges seem to be interlinked.

Ill keep you posted kiddywinkles

Much love Phil x